Your New Loan and Three Easy Steps to Closing

Anything you submit over our website is 100 percent, fully secure. And we never, ever share it with anyone except by permission -- that is, if you're giving us information you want us to use to get you the best loan, we use that information to tell mortgage lenders about you and convince them to loan you money. In turn, those mortgage lenders are bound by federal law to keep your information secure.

STEP 1 - Items you must complete before we can proceed!
1. You will receive an email from the lender for you to E-Verify what we have discussed. This will come from the Lender directly. This email contains required disclosures that you must complete before we can proceed.

2. You will also receive an email from SureDocs & Laser Lending which contains the actual loan package. Please follow the steps in this email in order to get them signed and sent back. 

3. You will also receive an email from your Loan Consultant, outlining specific documents that will be needed. It is essential that these documents be printed, signed and sent back to your Loan Consultant at your earliest convenience. Also, you will need to provide the following:
a. Most recent 30 days worth of pay-stubs.
b. Past two years of W2's.
c. Past two years of tax returns. (all schedules)
d. 2 most recent monthly bank statements. (all pages, even is some are blank)
e. 2 forms of ID.
You can upload these documents through our website 
or fax them to 801.312.0819 or email them directly to your Loan Consultant. 

4. If required, we will need to order your appraisal as soon as possible. You will receive a document that will allow you to provide your credit card information so that the appraisal order can be processed.

STEP 2 - Things that will happen after your loan has been submitted!
After the underwriter has reviewed your file, they will send us the "Conditional Loan Approval" which will outline additional steps that we must take in order to close your loan. You will be notified of these items and it is critical that you provide the requested documentation ASAP. 

STEP 3 - Things that will happen after your loan has been approved!
When your loan has been fully approved and cleared to close you will receive an email with your Closing Disclosures (CD) which will outline all the specifics of your loan and loan terms. You must acknowledge this email through E-Verify so that your closing date can be set. Your closing date will be set & before you know it your loan will be done!

FINALLY...Please read and understand these guidelines!

1. Continue to pay your current mortgage loan. One late payment will jeopardize your new loan. 
2. Do not open any lines of credit or make any major purchases while your loan is in process.
3. Do not change jobs or make any major adjustments in your current employment.
4. Check your email often and if additional documentation is requested, please provide that as quickly as possible. 
5. Our goal is to close your loan in 30 days or less. In order for this to happen, we have to work together to insure that the Lender receives all documentation in a timely manner.